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22) I don’t understand how people diet and stay healthy, and this is acceptable, but me over exercising or purging isn’t acceptable. Isn’t it kind of the same thing, just carried out in a different way? Obviously someone trying to lose a large amount of weight isn’t happy with their body but we say “kudos to you for doing insanity every day of the week and eating salad, way to go!” But for a person already thin people are like “What the fuck is wrong with you, you’re not allowed to be insecure, how dare you throw up your food.” It’s the same thing, just one gets a big smiley face from culture. How is that fair?

The difference is one is working to be happy. In the process of a healthy weightloss you CAN gain happiness, health and love for yourself.

Through the ED life you lose yourself more throughout each day. You become more depressed, more upset with yourself. There is no finding happiness. You’re stuck in a never ending cycle of self-hatred through the ED.

(Source: edtruths)