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A week post ACL-Surgery.

Today marks a full week since my ACL Reconstruction. I gotta say, as annoying as the swelling might be, that’s the only tough part so far. Yes, I just want to jump off this couch and go running or tumbling but patience is a virtue. I’ll only be stronger if I take this day by day and not get discouraged.

I walked 1 mile yesterday, no pain, no extra after swelling.

I’m keeping up with my upper body and ab strength since it’s really all I can do. Yesterday was my first rest day with absolute no lifting. I slept like A BABY. Today I’ll hit chest and shoulders like a mofo. After all, I’m looking forward to a very busy summer and I don’t have time to slack off.

This has been my workout for this past week:

Warm-up: (10lbs/dumbbells/no rest in between)
20 biceps curls,
20 hammer curls,
20 overhead tricep extensions,
20 shoulder press,
20 chest press,
20 side lateral raise.



Shoulder Press + V-Ups (15reps + 3sets)

Chest Press + Russian twist(1 dumbbell)
(15reps + 3sets)

Alternating Bicep Curls + Overhead tricep extension(1 dumbbell) (12reps x 3 sets)

Hammer Curls + Flutter Kick(very slowly!) (15reps x 3sets)

-Walk 1/2 mile, Emphasizing stepping on heel and pushing off the toes to assure no over-compensation.

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